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Yeom lab moves to SNU Medical School

Sep 1, 2020


Yeom lab move to Seoul National University Medical School in South Korea. 

New post-doc Bora joins our lab 

Oct 14, 2019


Dr. Bora Shin join our lab as a post-doctor fellowship. She graduated Korea University and worked about antibiotic resistance Acinetobacter

Yeom lab starts at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore

April 1, 2019


Yeom lab start at Duke-NUS Medical School, Emerging Infectious Programme in Singapore. 

Biological Question //

Bacterial pathogens survive under hostile environments and cause many diseases in host. Specifically, bacteria are tolerant to antibiotics that enable them to survive long term. Our research team are trying to address a question by investigation bacterial pathogens with hosts: 


How do bacteria respond to environmental stress such as antibiotics and immune response?

Pathogen-host interaction


Bacteria and their hosts communicate with each other through protein, metabolites and nucleotide as a signal.


Our lab investigates new insight into 

bacterial social communication 

in natural host and environments.

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